Fitted sheet for SweetDream 10in1 Extension – White

Lì per te e il tuo bambino dal 2012!

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Fitted sheets set of 2 for your SweetDream 10in1™ - EXTENSION

Fitted sheets matching with the extended transformations of the SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN by COMFORTBABY®

These fitted sheets are suitable with the following variations:

✔ Variation 5: Children‘s crib
✔ Variation 6: Extended bedside crib
✔ Variation 7: Open play pen
✔ Variation 8: Closed play pen
✔ Variation 10: Junior crib

This set contains two fitted sheets where one of them can be used for the variations 5 – 8. The second larger fitted sheet can be used for the variation 10 of the baby bed SweetDream 10in1™. COMFORTBABY®‘ s fitted sheets are all made of 100% cotton to provide a healthy sleep for your baby. The elastic ribbon all around the sheet will allow a perfect hold on the mattresses. The fitted sheets are machine washable and can even be tumbled dried in gentle cycle.

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Weight 0.40 kgs
Sede di colore Bianco
dimensione 75 cm x 128 cm
EAN-CODE 4250612243524
Sku 00010111-88
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✔ Fitted sheets made of 100% cotton (Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®) ✔ Waschable at 40°C + can be tumble dried on low heat ✔ Set of 2 ✔ Elastic ribbon all the way around for an excellent fit on the mattress ✔ Measurement: 1. LxWxH: 126cm x 72cm x 12cm 2. LxWxH: 176cm x 72cm x 12cm