iZi Go Modular X1 carseat (Excl. Adapter)

Lì per te e il tuo bambino dal 2012!

In 1-6 settimane a casa tua

329 €

tasse incluse, escluse spese di spedizione (19.00 € in IT)

WITHOUT ADAPTER KIT Amazing design and high safety standards in one car seat – two reasons which speak for Mima – iZi go car seat. The designers from Mima haven‘t only created an unique look, they also mastered to create one of the safest car seats. The iZi go car seat is for newborns and kids up to a weight of 13 kg (28 lbs). The seat adjustment can be taken off to create more space in the seat. The foldable canopy with UV protection will protect your baby from direct sunlight. The shoulder pads and the comfortable safety supports for head and shoulders garantee a pleasent ride. The seatbelts are padded as well. The car seat can be attached to the Mima Xari and Mima Kobi with the separate item “Adapter kid“.
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Weight 6.00 kgs
dimensione n.a.
EAN-CODE 5060535940085
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✔ Car seat for car and stroller
✔ Compatible with Mima Xari and Mima Kobi
✔ For newborn and babies up to 13 kg (28 lbs)
✔ Including seat adjustment Including head support Including safety supports for head and shoulders
✔ 5-point harness / high safety Including shoulder pads
✔ Padded seat belts
✔ Including foldable canopy with UV protection
✔ Including carrying handle
✔ ADAC / Stiftung Warentest „Excellent“ 2016